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This world and its people growing by word
While raised by the product from the nipple
Too blind to see the coming of evil
Still sucking the candy of works of the devil
The word brings along vagary mandate
For our dreams to no sooner eliminate
Brains bleeding brains leaving the brainless
Yield worthlessness
The word leading its people to eternal life
Eternally suffering the situation considered rife



The last never list lime we laughed
we had our mothers and fathers around
Bound by their blessings
fled with wings of success
To succeed and eat the fruits of their success in their absence
The lovely times we danced ingoma to raise happiness in ourselves






I opened my eyes to blink
All I see are clicks from beautiful chicks
 To the other side men with their own bottles
Yelling at me .for the first time
It reminded me of word once told
When I had a crash on someone’s wife
That’s when I was five.

I gathered courage, yes the same courage
I once had when I was being whipped
For failing my math test
Gathered chips of the so called words
Spited the heaviest piece
Part of the perfect piece I kept deep down my deep heart
The piece I once used after four week
With sleepless night to concur she heard heavy heart.
With no heist like a beast raised my voice
Raise it with more heat to never let it down
Raised it to light they with deem feelings

Looked straight in eyes of men sitting to my right
Right staring at heart pumped fast
As fast as when my friend told me he was dumped
Felt coldness the whole body, fear overwhelmed my whole
For the first time I wished on his mic to never again come near
.”You see us on stage but some of us it’s never that dear”

Held a mic to not leave it again with a wish only one in me
None Rather than wishing it could fly away my fear
My hands full of heat drought out a river of sweat
Lost the next line in my head, red to remember
Sitting under a big tree, yes we were tree I dad and ma mom
Chatting and chanting here my dad making mats
The sore motivation to this revolution in me

Saw my self writing square root of sixteen on
My school note book to later be torn by my dad to smoke
Here feeling over the moon that
Am about to be done with this mess
Right a way opened my round mouth
Bound with a spell of memories and said
” we gathered around stepped out feet on the ground”
Full of wisdom Ready to recite my favorite piece of freedom.

The stage became rough laughed at me
As I heard no noise voice I said in me
“is this going to happen twice”
Wanted to lie lye down or fly away
Just to find a way to run away with my shame but still saw no way
Conversations, people’s reactions freeze
Lights turned lighter my body turned light
The roomed squeezed and seemed small
Still clanged on my lines adding a word to a word
Trying to step down to end a stanza
My heart pushed word of a tang my mom never breast fed me 
Falsha selsha the word  welcoming  freedom
To let the colors of the green shalmak wash a way our worries
Queries of slavery and memories of they the heroes who died on war
The mother raped in the eyes of her son
The man whose manhood cut in the eyes of her daughter
 A quarter aged his age after forcefully forced to sleep with his father
 A night mare she never once had testing where she came from
That poor child killed by being pound in a mortar
The pour necks which tasted the sharpness of a panga
Anger hunger that kid sitting on an anthill
Being bitten by eagles

For the first time   felt the true essence of Saint Patrick’s Day
Long at last came to realize that it wasn’t only the Irish day
But my day chanting him who from the deem raised me
Feed me with talent and wisdom wisely
Raised me to always scatter words like roses in them
They teal they who never wished me risen.


We much to nowhere trying to Convince
 Them on high for reasons we don’t know why
I won’t lie we are those voice giving out no echoes 
The fight of the unequal’s the beggars left out in the desert
To sink in the quicksand fighting for a drop of water 
Hear life forcing us to weight teal later for a lap of luxury

We define the difference between needy and helpless
We with high hopes for hope of heavens not hell
Well we dream of once having sweet night mares
To match our heads full of magical malwares
Weighing weird wishes of the surplus from them the big shoots
Never with never fitting boots always wanting more
To give more explanation to dissatisfaction

We envy their dogs which feed on their left overs
We the sons of human horrors
 For they died to make lives of they raping our wives
Just cause they scare us with sharp knives



Mr. Patron Nyirenda



We are all here alive
We differ from one another in shapes, size and names
But all in one area
Skin the difference of mine from others
Fewer than others but still surviving

Microscopic are some of the residents
But we are all covered in common water
Different sites with different topics on scene
Honored when solving common matters
Customers come to buy us disguised as real friends
Only to fly us in their pans

Relations differ from size and color
The explorers are eager with their tools
Within a few yards, we are hunted
The seller is serious with drying us on the sun
Amongst ourselves misunderstanding existing always

The blue whale should be our mother
The pipe fish wants to be our father
They use millipedes to catch our brothers
Hated as well as bothered
Working very hard just to satisfy the intruders

The bowhead whale swallows the shiner
Hidden all of us in a narrow tunnel
Waiting for an uncertain tomorrow funeral
After suffering we all bow to look for peace
Instead of sharing ideas and feelings, they cut us into pieces

We wish to stop crying
But relish is the sand of this land
Our Geography is quiet good
Our Biography is interestingly precious
But when we meet at the shore none is greater

We were all taught to swim
But sometimes we all sing
When we cry our tears are swallowed
In front of the snakes we are weak
Those with snails can resist

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